BLKdragon : May I get a dark tall glass of roland please.with sugar,and that WHOLE cream. teehee.    gothicwiccanvampir : anyone wanna chat.    DBane : how do you free the goth from a human boddy.    BLKdragon : Great honeyThornes and teddy bears. luvs you too. .    BLKdragon : *bites and leashes*..yes come to me love.sit,stay forever and attack!.    rolandblackthorne : I love you BLKDragon!!!.    rolandblackthorne : BLKdragon and I are back together. Any woman who tries to break us up will be blocked..    3loodlustMary : Aaaaaaaw Sweeeet B-) .    vampirica : Happy! Valentines Day to all!!.    BLKdragon : Happy V's to you Teddy Boo.<3.    rolandblackthorne : Happy Valentine's day, BLKdragon.    BLKdragon : Happy Valentines day to all the bleeding hearts! .    
been forever since ive been on


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    Hey my name is Alexandria but most people just call me Alx or Frank. I'm pretty easy to talk to i guess but if i don't respond just know i run on est. standard time. and just know i have a temper so if i go off on you its nothing personal i just get angry very easily. im also not afriad to tell it how it is. I like any kind of music except for rap and country. also If my profile pic looks like a user called seven_Deadly_Sins that is because that profile was mine but some Vampiresocial changed my password on me.

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    Honey, your poll, all of the answers are equally bad. You are taking away a HUMAN LIFE that has some value to someone. Social Network Community For Vampires Goths & Humans