Devastator : I do hope you all enjoy your weekend with dark blessings.    Mina_M : Calling all dark souls. Please add me! .    Johngrable : Looking for a human or fellow vampire to be my princess and stand proudly by my side.    rolandblackthorne : I love being here with Dragon... I love you, baby!! <3.    BLKdragon : Put up 4 more pics..of roland and I,workin outside <3.    vampirica : wow! he's really,giving me the 3rd DEGREE! about my love for issues! i have trust issues.    vampirica : my thoughts on the situation are NUMB!.    vampirica : What am i supposed to think now after he had been gone for 13 months? What am i suppose to do? My th.    BLKdragon : got pics up,of roland and I,togeather finally..after 7 years.Enjoy..    BLKdragon : Yes indeed. may mother night always hold us togeather,under he embrace and care..    rolandblackthorne : I made it to Ohio... I'm with BLKdragon.    jeremiahspy : HAPPY Easter!!!!!!!!!!! Eat all the bunnys! .    Stealth : Greetings night dwellers. It's been an age hope you are all well.    Kingkaci : qhen people try to drag you down..    vampirica : find an ultimatum? and that's suppose to make me feel better?.    
summer is gooodddd


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    Im Kathleen Cecilia Johnson = pure blind son of john irish origin
    i love vampires i have since i was little and i mean real vampires none of the stefannie myers crap im talking human blood drinking burned by sun and holy water demons of the night if u r one of the twilight nuts leave me alone. ive seen dracula the movie with bella lagosi as dracula and it cant be beat. im not goth i am what i am dont give me labels im here cause i love vampires and for no other reason. you wanna talk? send me a message but dont judge me ull regret is my life its helped me through everything. i am catholic yet not religious so much due to the fact i wont sit in a church of hypocrytes. i love life and i intend to live it to the fullest always

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