Devastator : I do hope you all enjoy your weekend with dark blessings.    Mina_M : Calling all dark souls. Please add me! .    Johngrable : Looking for a human or fellow vampire to be my princess and stand proudly by my side.    rolandblackthorne : I love being here with Dragon... I love you, baby!! <3.    BLKdragon : Put up 4 more pics..of roland and I,workin outside <3.    vampirica : wow! he's really,giving me the 3rd DEGREE! about my love for issues! i have trust issues.    vampirica : my thoughts on the situation are NUMB!.    vampirica : What am i supposed to think now after he had been gone for 13 months? What am i suppose to do? My th.    BLKdragon : got pics up,of roland and I,togeather finally..after 7 years.Enjoy..    BLKdragon : Yes indeed. may mother night always hold us togeather,under he embrace and care..    rolandblackthorne : I made it to Ohio... I'm with BLKdragon.    jeremiahspy : HAPPY Easter!!!!!!!!!!! Eat all the bunnys! .    Stealth : Greetings night dwellers. It's been an age hope you are all well.    Kingkaci : qhen people try to drag you down..    vampirica : find an ultimatum? and that's suppose to make me feel better?.    
I need new people to talk to.


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  • About Me
    No matter what you say about me it's a compliment.
    Means i'm on your mind and that says a lot. =)
    Music is my life.
    There's only one shoulder I lean on for everything and he doesn't mind the weight.

    No Names. =)

    Oh god.
    If i wrote all about me you'd freak out because there is WAY TOO MUCH to explain in a short amount of time.
    Basicly...i'm tall, skinny, i'm a brunette, i have eyes that change color. I like long showers, suprise phone calls, Dancing, Reading, Writing, Running, MUSIC♥.
    I'm kinda sorta typical.
    There are things about me that people don't always get but if your willing to wait for a responce....then i'll be willing to answer.
    I think that people should open up their eyes and see that the planet around is changing because of humans and that even the slightest amount of help will improve things greatly.
    I have lots of thoughts.
    I tend to share them with My close friends and them alone.
    I love my friends and my family and I believe that I treat them very well.
    I adore Shawna, JayAnna, Emily, Robyn and everyone else who has made a positive impact in my life!
    I love you all!

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    20, Male, United States
    just wanted to get to know you so drop me a line guestbook message MannequinsDance 30 November 2011 12:21 AM
    27, Male, United States
    Thanks for the add! guestbook message Pure-BloodPrincess 19 September 2011 10:11 PM
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    happy birthday goth birthday guestbook message ShawnKCullenacc 19 September 2011 04:56 PM
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    An exquisitely young and lovely girl.
    Lain on her back before me, her life unfurled.
    Her silken hair askew in a spiral swirl.

    Her hand dangling from the altar, skin pale as a bone.
    Fingers slowly open, the contents of her hand now shown.
    A single flower drifting to the floor, it's final flight flown.

    Shadows slowly crawling across the floor.
    Moonlight gradually retreating from the door.
    The time is now a quarter past four.

    Cold winter air.
    Wind whipping at my long flowing hair.
    So it is that i gaze upon my lair.

    Another night hunting spent.
    Blood enough drank to pay another day's rent.
    From this life there is no repent.

    Yet another lovely maiden lain dead.
    Once more the guilt echoing through my head.
    Already i feel a new hunger that will soon need to be fed.

    Vampire is the name by which i go.
    Heartless creature, cold as January snow.
    I live but i am not alive, hell is all i know.

    Retreating to my tomb i must sleep, close my eyes.
    Tormented until sunset by my victim's cries.
    My makers promises...nothing but lies.

    ~Billy, 2010 guestbook message Nightshade11 06 June 2011 12:41 PM
    44, Male, United States
    Welcome to Vampire Social...and, ov course, thanks for the ADD as for REAL Vampires, it would depend what you mean by that...for perception is the whole ov Reality.

    Merry Meet... guestbook message Darkshadoweyes 01 June 2011 05:06 PM
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    Hello... Thanks for the add..Hope your having a wonderful day. guestbook message Elina 29 May 2011 05:29 PM
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    Are there any real vampires on this site? guestbook message Elina 29 May 2011 05:28 PM
    22, Female, United States
    : ) Social Network Community For Vampires Goths & Humans