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Band: Flashbackk


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    25 April 2015 03:32 AM
    Classic Rock
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    Billy Aylesworth
    Record Label:
    A Trip In The 80s Records
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    About Me
    Flashback is a 1980s retro-political psychedelic rock band from Malibu, California. They play a mixture of Blues, Rock, Metal, and R&B. The nucleus of the band was Billy Aylesworth (Lead guitar, Vocals), Paul Saylor (Bass), Dean Karam (Drums), and Robert Mirabilio (Keyboards, Vocals). Billy and Dean were the founders of the group. Eden Unger was the original Bass player. This lineup recorded a 45 [7"] Single “Nuclear Blues/Rock the World". Matt “Wolf” Chazin (Drums), David Oliver (Guitar, Keyboards), and Brian Odell (Percussion) joined the band in time for their second single “Made a Fool Out of Me”. Flashback was a popular live attraction on the Los Angeles club circuit throughout the 1980’s. They also played festivals in the Southern California area. Flashback disbanded in the late 80’s, and splintered into various other bands. Mirabilio and Chazin went on to form the heavy metal band 'Tyranny' (JCI/Warner Brothers Records). Eden formed Legal Reins (A&M Records). Billy went on to play and/or record with members of Earth, Wind & Fire, The Grass Roots, Rose Royce, B.T.O., Little Feat, Billy Cowsill, Buffalo Springfield Revisited, and more. With singer & political activist, Frances Plante-Scott, Billy produced and played most of the instruments on her last album 'Organic Plante' for Orchard Records and was Executive Producer of her CD 'Conspiracy Cocktail' for NALS Music [BMI]).

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