BLKdragon : loaded up new Fnaf art work in my art folder..    BLKdragon : Middle of winter..and its spring outside.going to be all strange..    3loodlustMary : Told you so...(dusting off hands)....    Bloodxlustx666x : greetings.    vampirica : Mwahahahahaaaa!!.    3loodlustMary : ;-) ;-) .    3loodlustMary : Drags his sorry ass to the car pushes him in and drives off :-[ .    3loodlustMary : (giggling evily) B-) .    vampirica : Oooh good grieeeef!!!!.    Thedarkman09 : you need blood and come and bite me.    3loodlustMary : A nice hott ass B Scammer would be a nice treat V""V.    3loodlustMary : Need blood!! ;-) .    3loodlustMary : no preaching please!!.    Thedarkman09 : only god can judge me .    Thedarkman09 : any vampire message me.    

Best vampire?
created by LunarxLight view poll
Lestat De Lioncourt
Louis De PointeDuLac
Marius De Romanus
wich is better to have?
created by Queenofdarkness1 view poll
all above
your favorite monsters
created by Queenofdarkness1 view poll
were wolfs
If you could bend an element f...
created by BLKdragon view poll
I'd bend Earth-rock
I'd bend Water-snow
I'd bend fire-magma
I'd bend Air-Gases

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