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Searching for my current twinflame and my past life father.


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    Princess Tashira Marie Dracula III of As






    Banpaia Suki


    United States



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    Mixed European


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    Straights Gays and Bi's Against Christian Gaybashers • Mab's Army • Christian Haters Anonymous • Cat Lover's Anonymous 
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     •  •  • Masturbater's Anonymous • Straights Gays and Bi's Against Christian Gaybashers • Christian Haters Anonymous •  • Mab's Army • Cat Lover's Anonymous • The Right to Your Voice • The Vampire Coven 

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  • About Me

    My Latest Poem

    Why did you leave me?
    Why did you have to depart?
    Why did you leave me crying?
    I'm bleeding profusely
    And have been left without a heart
    You've taken it and left
    Why did you have to go?
    You have rejected my friendship
    But in my heart, I know:
    No matter what you say
    No matter what you do
    I will always be there, waiting for you.
    And for every day
    And for all of time
    I may not be your friend
    But you will ALWAYS be mine.



    I am a college student. I am currently going after an Associate of Science, after which I will have to transfer to a 4-year college. I am currently taking Public Speaking, Spanish, and two different history classes.

    When it comes to Religion, I am eclectic. I would never consider myself to be Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or anything else. My beliefs come from all religions. That is, if I learn something new about a religion that I like, I adopt it into my own theology.

    I am probably one of the most random people that you will EVER meet. My favorite colors are purple, and black.. Crimson would be on that list too, but it makes me hungry, so I try to avoid it.

    I am a ginger kid.. In other words, I'm a natural redhead.. I tried to dye my hair black once, but it turned out brown. My eyes are naturally hazel but the color mix changes when my mood changes.

    I am Pansexual. For those who do not know, that means I believe that when you fall in love it shouldn't matter whether the other person has a penis or not. I am, for the most part, straight.. although i've always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a guy and another girl at the same time.. or two guys at once..

    I believe in true love and I am searching for that special someone.. I don't know who my true love is, but I have had a feeling all of my life that he is very old in spirit but very young at heart, like me. I may physically be only 23, but my spirit will 11,743 years old on November 29th.

    I have lived many, many lifetimes. In my many lifetimes, I have had many parents, including but not limited to: at least 2 kings, a goddess, and 2 different gods (both of whom were at least part vampire).

    I am searching for my father from one of my previous lifetimes, as well as my soul mate.. I already know that they are both vampires. My father's name was Valek during at least one of his lifetimes, and he was also a king.

    Music is my life and my favorite band is Evanescence. I also like Marilyn Manson, System Of A Down, William Control, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Evanescence, the Backstreet Boys, Charlotte Church, Eminem, ICP, and TLC. I love all genres of music, with the only exceptions being christian and country (aside from a little Taylor Swift, Jo Dee Messina, and Shania Twain)... If i can get back my house, my kids, my car, and my dog just by rewinding the song then i don't want to listen to it.

    I have a bit of an obsession with angels and faeries.... And anime...
    I love vampire movies.. Espescially ones that include Dracula as one of the characters.. My favorite movies are A Vampire in Brooklyn(starring Eddie Murphy) and Bram Stoker's Dracula. My favorite TV shows are Dracula and Bleach.

    Questions I've been asked about myself

    Q: If you could travel back to any time, where would you go?
    A: Camelot

    Q: What would your ideal birthday party be like?
    A: Just me and my friends, my mom, Tori-gohan (a Japanese chicken soup), mint chocolate chip ice cream, a carrot cake, and a drink I call a Dew Drop (watermelon Schnapps in Mountain Dew).

    Q: If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
    A: Pull pranks on random people in public.

    Q: Who is your hero?
    A: My father from Asthenia.

    Q: How would you define success?
    A: Success is how you rise after falling.

    Q: How would you explain love to somebody who had never heard of it before?
    A: Love is when you feel so strongly about someone that you would do anything to make that person happy... even if that means that you will never get to see them again.

    Q: If you had a time machine, what time and place in the future or the past would you go to first?
    A: I would go back to Camelot to meet King Arthur and the Knights.

    Q: Do you think it's OK to have multiple sex partners?
    A: Yeah, if they all know about each other and they're all okay with it.

    Q: What is your greatest regret?
    A: The fact that i sometimes don't know when to keep my mouth shut..

    Q: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
    A: My physical appearance from head to toe.

    Q: Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
    A: Yes. Good things happen to good people because they deserve good things. Bad things happen to good people because they need to be shown just how strong they are, or their karma is as black as coal.

    Q: Is there anything about your body that people would only know if they saw you naked?
    A: I have 4 scars from when i had my gallbladder taken out.. 1 of them is shaped like a mouth.

    Q: What is your idea of a good conversation?
    A: To me, a good conversation is when we can talk without me thinking to myself "What do you have up your ass that makes you so angry?". A great conversation is when we can talk without me thinking "You are such an idiot".

    Q: If you could have any pet, what would it be?
    A: A purple Fire-breathing Pegacorn that can speak English and Japanese and turn itself and anyone touching it invisible at will.

    Q: If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you would buy?
    A: A ginormous house for me and my family.

    Q: If your home was on fire and you could only grab one possession before running out the door, what would you grab?
    A: Depends on if I have money or not and whether or not animals count as possessions.

    Q: What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought?
    A: MP3 player from Family Dollar.. $20 plus tax.

    Q: What's your favorite song?
    A: Aquarius by Within Temptation

    Q: Do you believe in the death penalty?
    A: Yes. but i also believe that if there's video evidence or a confession linking the person to the murder, it should be perfectly legal for a cop to shoot that person executioner style(in the head) on sight.

    Q: Do you believe that aliens have ever visited Earth?
    A: I believe that they have lived among us for so long and adapted so well that we can't even tell the difference between them and ourselves... And they had something to do with Stonehenge and the Pyramids.

    Q: Which member of your family are you closest to?
    A: My cousin, Pricia

    Q: What do you daydream about?
    A: Hot lesbian sex orgies with wine coolers and hot fudge sundaes. I'm kidding, of course. Usually, I dream/daydream about vampires in castles with secret passageways hidden in the walls..

    Q: What's the best thing that has happened to you lately?
    A: I found out that I have a grandma who's a queen. Now I feel like Princess Mia..

    Q: Would you sacrifice someone else's life for your own?
    A: It depends on who it is.

    Q: Would you sleep with someone for 10 million dollars?
    A: It depends on who it is.

    Q: What's the most daring thing you've ever done?
    A: Run naked through the street with a gun screaming "I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!! I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!" Oh, wait.. That was just a dream. Although, I did go skinny-dipping once.

    Q: What's your favorite type of candy?
    A: It's a tie between Twix and Heath.. Although I love most chocolate in general.

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    ~A Poets Tale~

    Set upon the wings of dreams it is that i invite you in.
    Come, penetrate my eyes... Press play to begin.

    Whispering on the winds of fantasies my words form places rarely seen.
    I spin my tales and riddles for the love of my long dreamt of queen.

    I cry out to the night in well versed tears.
    The universe all to well knows my innermost fears.

    In the dark of light brave shadows ferociously fight.
    Their battles rage daily unto the very onset of night.

    Vivid scenes hold me hostage while others sleep.
    All so that my words might move a princess to joyfully weep.

    Into the brave new tomorrow we will always blindly go.
    What the end of the day will bring we so seldom know.

    Little makes sense and less is right,
    So just close your eyes, sit quiet, sit tight.

    Your poet is here to read for his lady tonight.

    ~Billy, 2010 guestbook message KINGZOMBIE76 17 March 2010 11:40 PM
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