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nightmares and darkness
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Posted on: 20 January 2014 09:44 PM
nightmares some say that nightmares meant we troubled by something and this meant something dark was trying to tell us something or the Indians use to think your dreams were a way of solveing stuff we could not figure out awake its funny how the brain works they say a very small percentage has only been unlocked imagine what we could understand if we unlock the rest and we could figure out what our dreams and nightmares try to tell us maybe it give us clues and hints to what to expect later in life or some dreams if u have ever had one like this may allow you to look into the future weather u want to or not thrs a lot of things we don't understand I guess im just going on now aren't I well u wanna know something interesting is that me as a person I haven't had a nightmare in many years yet I look at horror stuff all the time and I enjoy killing stuff and the feel of warm blood on my hands all this and much more are things u would think the normal person may let bother them but some how I welcome the darkness and it welcomes me this is boogeyman saying stay in the darkness for the darkness is where u shall remain save for I am the darkness at night around u or the shadows around u the boogeyman is always watching never forget your never alone in the dark thrs always demons watching like me....