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What Film/ Movie Have You Recently Seen?
27, Male, Norway
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Posted on: 14 May 2015 10:53 AM
I just saw transcendence that i got in the mail on bluray a while ago. And it's one of the better movie's i've seen lately.
28, Female, United States
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Posted on: 13 March 2012 03:17 AM
Fell asleep to 'Return of the Living Dead.' It was nice
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2017, ,
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Posted on: 26 September 2011 10:18 AM
I've seen "Stupid, Crazy Love" seriously
45, Female, United States
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Posted on: 24 March 2010 03:45 AM
The Lovely Bones
55, Male, United Kingdom
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Posted on: 27 August 2009 03:35 PM
51, Female, United Kingdom
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Posted on: 02 August 2009 06:26 PM
Yesterday Lord Normal, (my ex), and my Spiderlings let me tag along with them to see Land Of The Lost.
It's a film worth watching but I think after watching it I would have enjoyed it better if I had gone with some of my alternative friends as I spent the whole film worring if the spiderlings would pick up on some of the innuendos and double meanings in the a lot of the jokes and puns with in it.
This film is not like the children's saturday morening program from the mid to late 70s aside from the sleestaxs and some of the story line.
I did find it evtertaining and some of the jokes were really funny.