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19, Female, Canada
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Posted on: 10 May 2016 06:09 PM
A particularly impressive experience I've had with a Ouija board was last year with an ex-boyfriend; I was introducing him to it, so I made a really nice set up with three silver animal skulls & a candelabra. We spoke with an entity calling themselves Lekme, who declared themselves to be a deceased young child and claimed to have been around for a thousand years. They told us about the future & secrets from the past. The boy asked "How do we know you're real?" It answered "skull". I told him to pick up the largest, middle skull. After a moment of holding it, he turned to me, shocked; "feel how heavy this is." I took it, noting much more weight than I'd have expected. "The spirit made it heavy in my hands, I felt it." Soon after, we finished up and said goodbye. He used to doubt the occult, but never again.
Another (less impressive) occasion was much earlier on in my youth, one of my first times actually using a Ouija board. I was sitting in my basement aside red candles, and I opened the board; I asked "What is your name?" The planchette just darted between "O" and "Z" over and over. I remembered some creepypasta I'd read years earlier (on the browser of my DSi) about a demon named Zozo who often came through Ouija boards, got scared, and said goodbye.
Very recently, I had an experience with some doubtful friends who came over. We sat around the board, put our fingers on the planchette, and I told someone to ask a question. He asked the board whether or not the spirit liked to smoke marijuana, and it got angry and said goodbye. Around half an hour later, the boy who asked became sick and left. I had been told that he remained sick for several days.

And those are all my notable experiences with Ouija. I've always done it inside my house, I've never had the time to go to out somewhere with more activity and try. But I have done quite a few dark things in that basement of mine, it's bound to have a some kind of entities in there... haha.
24, Female, United Kingdom
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Posted on: 20 November 2014 12:57 AM
Has anyone used a Ouija Board?

If so please share your experiences here..

I haven't personally used a Ouija but i have had a experience with one,

I was 6 years old at the time, my father was at work and my mother took me round to her mothers house one night. it was dark outside already, when we arrived we went straight into the lounge where my nan had set up a Ouija Board on the dining room table.

My mother lead me to the table and sat me down in the chair. i had no idea what was going on,

My mother and nan started using the Ouija but i wasn't paying attention to what they were saying. the doors that lead out to the back garden flew open and the candle blew out, i was watching and sensed a presence in the room.

I wasn't scared just observant. the table lifted up of the floor and being the smart child that i was i started looking for the trick, i felt for strings or rope underneath the table convinced this was some kind of trick. then i checked the sides of the table. then the top, i didn't find any thing. and realised what was happening was in fact real,

I remained calm as i was never easily scared of anything. we stayed the night and the next morning i had forgot all about the experience the night before. whether that had something to do with my mother or my nan i had no idea. or maybe i just blocked it out myself because it made no sense to me, i don't know.

But for those of you who are skeptic. Ouija is dangerous it isn't a harmless game, it's real and please do research and talk to people who have had experiences with Ouija. before you decide to mess with it,