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Long distance and vamps.
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Posted on: 24 January 2017 05:04 PM
If you're looking for someone to rant to on a regular basis, hit me up some time.
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Posted on: 10 March 2013 02:15 AM
every time I go out with a male vamp that is from
far away, it never goes anyplace?!
I can see maybe they like there home-lands or maybe
territories, but I can always come to them.
but, no.
I get pushed away or hear excuses.
I never liked long distance relations anyways,
but what else can i do?! Ohio is a CRAP place
to meet up with anyone like me. there is no one here!
I'm 3 years into this
relationship i'm into. and, it's the same.
Can't get the male vamp to show up!
I dont want to date this damn computer anymore!!
maybe i'm stressin out.
am i?
I was thinking, if 'I' pushed away, then would
it make him want to come here and see why?!
Don't want to make him angry.
I love the ass with fangs! I really do.
I'm being patient,
but.. I only have so much patience, and so much
intrest in someone i can't even touch!
3 years is a long time for this.
what am i doing wrong?!
I'm very loyal, very into someone that i can
'click' with. and we both 'click' togeather
just perfectly. We only fought two little
fights in the time we have been talking.
wich we talk almost every night.
Only because I'm tired of having someone yet,
still being alone.