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One Way to do it-
51, Female, United States
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Posted on: 31 July 2016 09:49 PM
Watch Westerns
21, Female, Canada
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Posted on: 22 August 2014 03:55 AM
I'm always on TUMBLR!
30, Female, United States
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Posted on: 02 February 2014 05:27 AM
I escape into my mind. I have a very imagination.
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67, Female, United States
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Posted on: 27 December 2012 03:24 AM
I find a good way is to do something spontaneous. Move your body or voice without thinking. Run into something. Just act stupid for a moment and then laugh at your ridiculous state.
41, Male, India
Total Posts 4
Posted on: 29 November 2012 12:09 PM
Here is some thing to make every living place more comfortable click URL Link.....

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46, Female, United States
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Posted on: 12 November 2012 09:43 PM
I read or write to escape, and get on the Internet, which
helps too...makes me see that there are people worse off
then I am...
29, Male, United Kingdom
Total Posts 2
Posted on: 30 July 2012 08:42 PM
I play my Xbox online.. Talk with family, on there or skype.. Draw, play my guitar, sleep.. Make food, or work out or go for a long walk on a night. Not easy being alone 24/7. :/
30, Male, United States
Total Posts 12
Posted on: 05 February 2011 08:34 PM
art,sleep,or listen to music

all with my door locked haha
29, Female, United States
Total Posts 16
Posted on: 27 October 2010 02:48 AM
Sleep and art.
46, Female, United States
Total Posts 134
Posted on: 12 August 2010 12:18 AM
What would be satifying to you?

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