MistressMonsoon666 : 2 weeks after this one left,ugh I need my skates! :3 :D.    BLKdragon : sounds like I'm being released into the wild,in my natural habitat.lol.    rolandblackthorne : YAY!!! can finally make plans to relocate Dragon!!.    rolandblackthorne : Delays, delays and more delays,,,,,,,,,,, finally some good news today.    BLKdragon : we are nothing alone. maybe togeather we can become some thing greater..    Svartmaane : May the full moon shine upon us!!!.    rolandblackthorne : I'm sorry I'm worthless....................................    MistressMonsoon666 : I have turn cold...dark...and heartless.....    Zash : All hail the broken king who lies apron his pile of gold.    Zash : Who likes blood?.    rolandblackthorne : She's serious... and i love only HER anyway... so step off.    BLKdragon : if anyone messes with my beloved,in anyway,i will hunt you down,and slit you open.teehee. im crazy..    BLKdragon : Been very upset lately.too much going on.i am so very tired..    Tristesse : Dark Greetings....    Devastator : I do hope you all enjoy your weekend with dark blessings.    

Is it time to fly yet? when can we be free from this pain?

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    Poetry (28)
    Whispering..inside my dreams.
    means nothing.
    Reaching out to help my heart.
    10 January 2017 04:39 AM   (0 comments)   (60 views)
    This is what hurts me.
    The fears of what I can not see.
    The tears everyone else can when I do not ...
    22 May 2016 08:53 AM   (0 comments)   (142 views)
    Heating desire.
    Pulsing,Beating..red and thick.
    long fanged..long and slick.
    I am the hunter waiting for the heat....
    04 February 2016 07:24 AM   (0 comments)   (114 views)
    Like a storm.
    Like a storm,
    my heart has been struck down by
    its own light.
    Clouds form to shield the face
    of ...
    24 June 2014 12:06 AM   (2 comments)   (207 views)
    Night Kiss.Dream Bliss.
    I dream the passions that flow within you.
    Dreaming the kisses that pulse in your heart.
    Threw tho...
    30 June 2013 06:18 AM   (0 comments)   (123 views)
    Death calls me.
    Misery loves me.
    Blood calls me name.
    Sorrow,depression,and tortured pain.
    I don...
    24 November 2012 04:10 AM   (0 comments)   (115 views)
    Queen of dark hearts.
    Lands of forgotten fire
    over runned by weeds of thornes.
    Clashed trees of rotten dreams.
    Broken g...
    21 March 2012 01:48 AM   (0 comments)   (122 views)
    Agony of living.
    Darkness enters the life I once knew to forget.
    Lies,life,pain has gone and whent.
    When does it st...
    03 December 2011 04:10 AM   (1 comments)   (126 views)
    By,the light of dawn I'll never tell,
    what hunger lays within my hell!
    Moons cast a spell on me.
    23 September 2011 01:07 AM   (0 comments)   (121 views)
    A forums truth
    Lurking about on this darkest site...
    not knowing who i shall bite tonight.
    I am,but not shure ab...
    08 January 2011 03:31 AM   (0 comments)   (219 views)
    --the red rose wolf--
    Once was a wolf,red as the blood it drank down.
    Eyes green as grass,with the loudest howl in town. ...
    08 December 2010 02:28 AM   (2 comments)   (306 views)
    When i smile.
    Haunted laughter.. rises the moon.
    When i smile.. it's always too soon.
    Grims teeth may show so wh...
    31 May 2010 01:08 AM   (0 comments)   (357 views)
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