MistressMonsoon666 : oh gosh to much love im drowning in it XD.    BLKdragon : I gots the cooties bugs from the roland. I'm a roland in that love. <3.    rolandblackthorne : I'm in love with you, BLKdragon!!.    BLKdragon : .....O.O <3.    rolandblackthorne : *stares at BLKDragon's jiggles and feel his pants getting tighter*.    BLKdragon : Dances to the music.. ^.^ yup..^,..,^ yaww..*.* boo-ya! @o@ jiggles**.    vampirica : I feel the need,to be random and weird! Amatinehystaphine!!.    MistressMonsoon666 : O.o hm.    vampirica : Hello??! where is everybody..It's a ghost town! On here rite now...    


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    Poetry (7)
    The beauty in portal mortal goth eyes
    In my goth time to how many years I have been here,
    I look to a rose,
    it could be dark red or ligh...
    04 February 2017 10:13 PM   (0 comments)   (9 views)
    Who is my mystery man
    In what world would you describe a girl,
    who only dreamt of having one man,
    watching her all to he...
    04 February 2017 10:10 PM   (0 comments)   (7 views)
    Pale lit red light reflection
    Looking in the /a mirror is my favorite thing to do,
    I love it because it describes the beauty,
    04 February 2017 10:08 PM   (0 comments)   (7 views)
    Different two tastes in june juices
    I love how the moon look in the sky,
    it is clear in the crystal rain,
    I love how the two different...
    04 February 2017 10:04 PM   (0 comments)   (7 views)
    Diamond saids
    I love the night it shines bright late tonight,
    at late, late tonight, and late today,
    all of the ...
    04 February 2017 10:01 PM   (0 comments)   (7 views)
    Goth nature flower gothic
    A flower is wonderful to have in life,
    but it reminds me of a rose that is
    red, that I used to ha...
    04 February 2017 10:00 PM   (0 comments)   (8 views)
    The meaning of life
    What I think of life is I love the sky,
    more than I do the ground, and the clouds,
    I am a goth gir...
    04 February 2017 09:57 PM   (0 comments)   (7 views)

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