BLKdragon : May I get a dark tall glass of roland please.with sugar,and that WHOLE cream. teehee.    gothicwiccanvampir : anyone wanna chat.    DBane : how do you free the goth from a human boddy.    BLKdragon : Great honeyThornes and teddy bears. luvs you too. .    BLKdragon : *bites and leashes*..yes come to me love.sit,stay forever and attack!.    rolandblackthorne : I love you BLKDragon!!!.    rolandblackthorne : BLKdragon and I are back together. Any woman who tries to break us up will be blocked..    3loodlustMary : Aaaaaaaw Sweeeet B-) .    vampirica : Happy! Valentines Day to all!!.    BLKdragon : Happy V's to you Teddy Boo.<3.    rolandblackthorne : Happy Valentine's day, BLKdragon.    BLKdragon : Happy Valentines day to all the bleeding hearts! .    
Waiting for Lady Death to take him away


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    I am He, who is Him






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    Poetry (67)
    Me, Myself, and Judgement
    Everyone thinks they know what I'm all about.
    You judge me by they're stupid standards and look at...
    03 July 2015 03:24 PM   (0 comments)   (172 views)
    Poison known as heartache
    A broken heart is the worst of all the pains.
    It drags us down, burns us, it's like fire in your v...
    02 June 2015 03:53 AM   (0 comments)   (141 views)
    Death of The Cupids
    The temple of Love stands tall in the city of Chicago like a shrine.
    Cupids flying high spreading ...
    07 May 2015 01:08 AM   (0 comments)   (179 views)
    War Wages On
    The storm crosses the sands tonight, and not person around to see.
    This kingdom of death and destr...
    13 March 2015 09:37 PM   (0 comments)   (181 views)
    Kingdom of Night

    A crow sits atop of a throne, looking over the creature that sit on it.
    It flaps its wings as i...
    09 September 2014 08:34 PM   (0 comments)   (231 views)
    Lost Cause
    In twenty years I have never doubted myself, Never thought I wasn't able do do something.
    I doubt n...
    15 August 2014 05:39 PM   (0 comments)   (159 views)
    The Whole World In Her Hands
    As I rise to my feet, I see the corpses of all my friends.
    Blood staining the ground as I tighten m...
    15 August 2014 06:28 AM   (0 comments)   (140 views)
    Should I stay, or go away?
    I'm alone, don't know why.
    Inside, gonna die.
    Should I stay, or go away?
    Why should I stay, a...
    16 July 2014 06:00 PM   (1 comments)   (136 views)
    Here I am, and here I'll stand.
    I look around, and I feel it in the ground.
    The war is raging on, and its burning like a sun.
    26 May 2014 06:44 AM   (0 comments)   (201 views)
    What's worth fighting for.
    To love someone is to die for that person.
    Surrounded by loved ones like planets and they're sun.
    03 May 2014 06:12 AM   (0 comments)   (173 views)
    In this world, you always have conflict.
    It is far from perfect.
    An never ending war between peopl...
    07 March 2014 07:21 PM   (0 comments)   (138 views)
    A Crows Paradise
    Sometimes it's hard to get up and take on the day.
    You just want to sleep it all away.
    I see every...
    31 October 2013 02:46 AM   (0 comments)   (141 views)
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