BloodSuckingDemon : looking for friends so hit me up .    BLKdragon : Dark haunted kisses to you,my evil teddy bear.<3.    saajix : hi i'm not new but i'm doing a Q and A, looking for friends.    rolandblackthorne : I've been thinking about you all day BLKdragon... wish I could get to Ohio right now.    
Waiting for Lady Death to take him away


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    Poetry (67)
    Stress is something that can really mess with your head.
    You might even wined up dead.
    I've taking...
    17 October 2013 02:48 AM   (0 comments)   (137 views)
    Lost in Moonlight
    I've been lost ever since Giro died.
    It's been three years and I still cry.
    He was always the one ...
    17 October 2013 02:23 AM   (0 comments)   (154 views)
    It reflects what and how we feel. Like a fire, if not kept in check it will burn us and ...
    13 October 2013 03:00 AM   (0 comments)   (129 views)
    I've become a wedge between two loved ones.
    It's a burden that weighs tons.
    How I got to be here. ...
    16 September 2013 03:54 PM   (0 comments)   (106 views)
    How I Feel About You
    One day I look up and I saw you.
    As beautiful as a harvest moon.
    This is how I feel about you.
    I ...
    25 May 2013 05:22 PM   (0 comments)   (105 views)
    A Change In The Wind
    As the wind blows, the trees sway with crows flying high.
    We lay in the grass watching the clouds i...
    13 May 2013 04:04 PM   (1 comments)   (100 views)
    Poetry in Motion
    Take a look at me.
    Tell me what you see.
    Just another pretty face.
    This girl I met while in town....
    10 May 2013 01:40 AM   (2 comments)   (94 views)
    Heartache of Passion
    How come I must know, where obsession needs to go?
    I need the key, and then I'll be free.
    There is...
    08 April 2013 05:12 AM   (0 comments)   (94 views)
    My Enemy
    Do you remember me?
    Your memory seemed to fade.
    This is who I am.
    Do you really understand?
    I lo...
    03 April 2013 04:52 PM   (1 comments)   (89 views)
    The moon rises from the west
    I can no longer feel my heart in my chest.
    As I'm sitting here waiting for the sun to fall in the w...
    22 March 2013 06:47 PM   (0 comments)   (75 views)
    Shackles of personality
    What would people think if they knew the real me?
    Love me or hate me, only the future can foresee. ...
    14 March 2013 04:01 AM   (0 comments)   (59 views)
    When darkness falls
    Pain is all
    My love is lost
    beauty and light
    have vanished from
    04 February 2013 06:16 PM   (2 comments)   (89 views)
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