BLKdragon : sounds like I'm being released into the wild,in my natural    rolandblackthorne : YAY!!! can finally make plans to relocate Dragon!!.    rolandblackthorne : Delays, delays and more delays,,,,,,,,,,, finally some good news today.    BLKdragon : we are nothing alone. maybe togeather we can become some thing greater..    Svartmaane : May the full moon shine upon us!!!.    rolandblackthorne : I'm sorry I'm worthless....................................    MistressMonsoon666 : I have turn cold...dark...and heartless.....    Zash : All hail the broken king who lies apron his pile of gold.    Zash : Who likes blood?.    rolandblackthorne : She's serious... and i love only HER anyway... so step off.    BLKdragon : if anyone messes with my beloved,in anyway,i will hunt you down,and slit you open.teehee. im crazy..    BLKdragon : Been very upset lately.too much going on.i am so very tired..    Tristesse : Dark Greetings....    Devastator : I do hope you all enjoy your weekend with dark blessings.    Mina_M : Calling all dark souls. Please add me! .    

Waiting for Lady Death to take him away


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    Poetry (67)
    Evolution is changing me.
    For better or worse I can't see.
    I feel less now then I did a few months...
    21 January 2013 11:15 PM   (2 comments)   (84 views)
    I feel the blood go cold in my veins.
    No matter how close I get to the flames.
    Is my journey for l...
    10 December 2012 10:53 PM   (1 comments)   (72 views)
    You never know how lucky you are
    I look around and the destruction of the east coast.
    Trees, leaves, and a house wrecked by a light ...
    31 October 2012 07:03 PM   (2 comments)   (82 views)
    I feel it deep within...
    Underneath my skin...
    The blood that courses through my veins...
    As I wa...
    20 October 2012 04:41 PM   (2 comments)   (95 views)
    Love Kills
    13 October 2012 11:31 AM   (1 comments)   (99 views)

    Passion...It's the sorce of our greatest strangth, our greatest weakness, but also...our greatest ...
    13 October 2012 11:28 AM   (1 comments)   (109 views)
    Everything Burns
    I do nothing but help people.
    Whether it be giving them money, solving they're problems, or helping...
    10 October 2012 01:54 AM   (2 comments)   (96 views)
    It gives us the strength that we need when we need it most...but it also takes something f...
    26 September 2012 08:11 PM   (2 comments)   (97 views)
    The heart is just like one of your can break.
    And just like can's w...
    26 September 2012 12:41 AM   (1 comments)   (87 views)
    The One
    22 September 2012 01:05 AM   (2 comments)   (101 views)
    What doesn't kill you
    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
    Makes you a little wiser.
    Maybe even a little stranger. ...
    20 September 2012 02:59 AM   (2 comments)   (88 views)
    Bleeding Heart
    As I look around, and I can't help but feel heartache.
    And it hurts that I can never partake.
    16 September 2012 08:25 AM   (2 comments)   (97 views)
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