MistressMonsoon666 : 2 weeks after this one left,ugh I need my skates! :3 :D.    BLKdragon : sounds like I'm being released into the wild,in my natural habitat.lol.    rolandblackthorne : YAY!!! can finally make plans to relocate Dragon!!.    rolandblackthorne : Delays, delays and more delays,,,,,,,,,,, finally some good news today.    BLKdragon : we are nothing alone. maybe togeather we can become some thing greater..    Svartmaane : May the full moon shine upon us!!!.    rolandblackthorne : I'm sorry I'm worthless....................................    MistressMonsoon666 : I have turn cold...dark...and heartless.....    Zash : All hail the broken king who lies apron his pile of gold.    Zash : Who likes blood?.    rolandblackthorne : She's serious... and i love only HER anyway... so step off.    BLKdragon : if anyone messes with my beloved,in anyway,i will hunt you down,and slit you open.teehee. im crazy..    BLKdragon : Been very upset lately.too much going on.i am so very tired..    Tristesse : Dark Greetings....    Devastator : I do hope you all enjoy your weekend with dark blessings.    

Soothing rain n dark brewed coffee.>
vampiresocial.com Draconia
39, Female, United States


Got up from my slumbers this twilight eve and made some dark brewed coffee. Decided to sit in the basement garage and watch the rain storming until the sun rises.

I have been working on people's court issues recently in the emergency coven forum on Vampiresocial. Many of you have come forward about your court dates and situations. daresAy god energy is with my coven. If you are a vampire or the like going through this then most likely you have been chosen in my coven for Order of the D.S.and realm of darkness.

One of my coven members got put in jail...shadow is OK but sore from being in there he has back problems. His wife broke her epartay and we have court against her on Friday the sixth. I have my court date against Truman on Tues the third. Pls send victorious coven energy to us and the others. Another coven mates husband has court coming up also.

What's it like being a coven queen? Invigorating and blessed.

Sun's about up and the rains ceasing.

I must go.

Darkest blessings to my undines and god family.

- Lourdes Draconia

P.s. if you leave comments in my blogs I have not found a way to respond yet to questions. I will post answers in blog so check back for replies. Lord Beowulf Pls email me your information. Thxs! & =...
30 April 2016 11:19 AM

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