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Gays & straights being friends. Problem?> Martyr1349
28, Male, United States


've wondered to myself a few times about this and now I just feel like mentioning it for the sake of conversation. So most who know me know that I rent from an all gay household. It's funny really, it's like set up for a sitcom. One straight guy and like 5 gays. Tune in at 8pm ;D

And me personally I'm not bothered by this. Whether they be men or women gay people don't bother me. I don't care what they do or like. That is their lives although living here I've seen a few eye opening but comical things. What I wanted to get at though that I don't understand that when I explain this situation of mine people are usually perplexed and I can't help but ask myself or rather ask all of you is something like that really so obscure or wrong or shocking? Is it a viewpoint limited to one side of the sex's? Cause i personally do think women being gay or having gay friends is more socially acceptable. Just look at parties or gatherings. Chicks make out, yeah Vampiresocial yeah! If a guy even gets the idea you looked at his dick guns will come out. World peace baby.

As I was saying though I simply don't understand the 'wrongness' with it and why most people's minds go right to that when it's mentioned. These room mates of mine I haven't befriended closely but they are all kind, nice people and that's enough for me to respect them.
20 May 2016 05:44 PM

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I personally don't see anything wrong with your situation. I am not in any way but I have many friends who are LGBT and I have the best laughs with them, sometime I catch myself flirt bantering with a few of the gay guys as I picked up on those few have got a crush on me, they really after my Scottish accent lol. But I find myself mildly flirty only when they do it to me, they know I'm straight and there is no chance but we are good friends and up for a giggle. So don't feel that there is any wrongness in your situation. Those who DO think its wrong are narrow minded and are part of the problem, get rid ASAP.
21 May 2016 02:02 AM
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