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WTF is wrong with sports fans?> Martyr1349
28, Male, United States


So, I was told this interesting story today that apparently in Florida that the Pens, Pittsburgh's hockey team, fan base is banned! Not allowed to wear any Pen's merchandise to the game. That is correct.

Wrap your head around this and really think about it. The state of Florida, for the sake of sports, just SPORTS! Is banning people's basic right to wear clothing simply because it is the opposing team...

That's just insane. The power to take away your right to wear clothing to a team you may pay money to see in a different city is gone. Not allowed. Illegal!

Of all the more serious subjects in the world to enforce such power and more they took this action just because of an opposing sports team....that's it.

I've said this quite a few times and I never understood better until I moved to this city but ITS JUST A GAME!!!!!
Yet there exists legions upon legions of Neanderthal people who are so deep into this that it literally effects their personal lives and beings. Like, they look past more serious issues or personal values that perhaps should be held more sacred I should say?

And just when I thought it wasn't ridiculous, no, insane enough. I'm told this is happening somewhere.
All because that state doesn't like opponent teams.....

Humanity, I don't have faith in you. You are all just meat with eyes picking fleas off each other, throwing shit back and forth. *smh*
22 May 2016 02:55 AM

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