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Almost got hit by lighting.> BLKdragon
37, Female, United States


I seen a storm on the radar,
coming to where we live.

I really wanted to film a storm.
So I got out my 3DS,
and waited for it.

It came,but didnt do much,
bu then 10 min later the skies
turned black,high winds,rain,
and then it turned green.
the rain was could
hardly see anything.

At the edge of the storm..
Lighting was abundant.
Right when i started a new
recording,55 seconds into it,
A HUGE white bolt came down,
and hit the tree 10 feet from me.
It scared me so badly,i couldnt
I cought it on film!!

It was so loud,that the recording
sounded like a bomb gone off.

The tree seems ok.
19 July 2016 12:28 AM

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