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Made a coffin purse.> BLKdragon
37, Female, United States


So,i made one before..out of bulls hide.
MY fingers bled and was bruised for days.
never again.

This time I made a purse out of my old black and
purple Tripp pants.
If you don't know what tripp pants are..they used
to sell them in hot topic..maybe look them up
online to know what they are.
been over 12 years since they were packed away.
I took them out 3 days ago..said to myself..
"ill never put these back on..mehh."
And decided to make another purse.

What i do to keep the purses shape,is to cut
super thick cardboard into the shape i want.
this time it was a coffin shape..less modern.
Two sides,and two backside.
Spray glue,and fabric glue is needed,and strong thread,
needles,and pliers..because the needles will
be to hard to pull threw without them.
I coat the thread in a solution,that makes the
thread NOT stick or catch threw the cardboard.

Pants are nice to do purses with because..
they got alot of fabric..and you do NEED to
remember to line the thing on the inside,
because you dont want to ruin your purses shape.

Everything takes at least 3 times sewing around.
because you need to get the front on,then the back..or
lining..then to sew them togeather,so its 3 times
Glue is to make shure the fabric stays on the board.
not to hold it togeather..just to shape and stay.

The hardest part sewing that zipper on.
which should be the LAST thing to sew on.
A narrow space..and almost no light from underneath.
Geeze,its like mining for gold in the DARK!

much easier then the leather one i made.
People tell me that i should make purses for other
people,out of there old clothes they love
so much,and make a profit.
i.....I donno.
Makes me sholders,back and fingers hurt
so much. I would not enjoy it.

i have the pics of this pures on my
profile on here,in the 'ART' folder.
hope you enjoy them.
16 August 2016 08:29 AM

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