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What I'm sick of.> BLKdragon
37, Female, United States


what I'm tired of..has turned into..what I'm sick of.
because it just ALL makes me sick.sick as s h i t.

#1.sick of people not being able to take a joke.
Even when it's the smallest joke.

#2.sick of people saying on thing then doing another.
Make up your mind!

#3.So..sick of doing some thing nice for some one.
They just turn around and bite you in the A S S!

#4.sick of others taking intrest in me.
not matter what it is..the loose intrest and toss
you aside like you were trash.

#5.sick or talents going to waste.
I guess that's my own story.

#6. sick of asking for help.
Because no matter how much you help
them ..they will just find any excuse
there is not to help you in return.

#7. sick of all the quiet.
when will they all speak up and talk to me?

#8.Very sick of..people taking advantage of you.
it's childish.

#9.sick of being alone.
Death is easier.
17 December 2016 03:38 AM

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