MistressMonsoon666 : oh gosh to much love im drowning in it XD.    BLKdragon : I gots the cooties bugs from the roland. I'm a roland in that love. <3.    rolandblackthorne : I'm in love with you, BLKdragon!!.    BLKdragon : .....O.O <3.    rolandblackthorne : *stares at BLKDragon's jiggles and feel his pants getting tighter*.    BLKdragon : Dances to the music.. ^.^ yup..^,..,^ yaww..*.* boo-ya! @o@ jiggles**.    vampirica : I feel the need,to be random and weird! Amatinehystaphine!!.    MistressMonsoon666 : O.o hm.    vampirica : Hello??! where is everybody..It's a ghost town! On here rite now...    
looking for like minded friends>
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Hello I am new to thi website I am not a human I am a blood sucking demon hence the name says it all. I want to have fun and chat also chat about life in general. I am sort of a lonely social outcast but I never let that get to me down often but if it does then I know I can think of something positive.
12 February 2017 02:50 AM

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