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When i smile.
37, Female, United States


Haunted laughter.. rises the moon.
When i smile.. it's always too soon.
Grims teeth may show so white.
Face of scars that shadows midnight.
When i smile,
the rainbow fades grey and black.
Screams of the night,
and a call of a cat.
Whats so grim,may he smile so dear?
Why.. it's the sound of many that fear.
So,when i smile..
it's because of that.
Season of the blues,
twinkles twilight hews.
Sunset and full moons bright.
I always smile with lust and delight.
Teeth show so much with a face.
Grim dreams just that,
with vampires blood.
What a taste!
Red roses bloom black,
as we all smile too see a bat.
Not to understand,
a frown takes place.
Grim can't show that,
cause he has not a face.
When you smile,
so will i.
remeber to smile,or we shall die.
31 May 2010 01:08 AM

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