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--the red rose wolf--
37, Female, United States


Once was a wolf,red as the blood it drank down.
Eyes green as grass,with the loudest howl in town.
He was the most evil that ever was to live.
All to gain and never to give.
A thousand spirits flooded his breath,as he took them all into death.
Hunting for food.. he loved the most of all.
Blood and sex.. he fed threw the october of fall.
No heart beats as slow as his.
No one to hold,no one to kiss.
Never liked the pack.Did he.
Always the battel to be free.
He is the first of the many,and true to the few.
Blue moons cast,over and ocean view.
First of the comming,and end of all!
As his human,or vampire he would stand
over 6 feet tall.
Killed so many,and loved none.
Lifes killing,let his blood run!
In times he did wonder.. about the beating he took.
He did,once look.
In this world great in time.
This wolf,of red fur..once was mine.
Red as the roses,the green grimly stare.
How can he forget,what he once had to share?
The more the hate broken into his skin... and the more blood she shed.
The more that 'I' was the one who left his head.
The red rose wolf!
Legend in time.
I'll never forget.. what was once forever mine.
08 December 2010 02:28 AM

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I really like this!
26 December 2010 05:19 PM
Really good my lady. I really like it. Many parts of it remind me

08 December 2010 12:13 PM
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