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37, Female, United States


By,the light of dawn I'll never tell,
what hunger lays within my hell!
Moons cast a spell on me.
Twelve strikes.. the gods have eyes,
Looking down on me like diamond spies.
The fog rolls in.
I can not wait.. what I can not feed,
what I need.. what I need!
Thine eyes grow red.
Thus I will tell,should you know.
My hunger hurts me as it grows.
The witching hour,the devils smlie.
Curling up,and moan for a while.
Blast this cursed pain,I shout them all!
Elders hate me,I shall not only but FALL!
Starving into dust.
By the light of dawn,I want to die here,
never to be hungry again.Starve in fear.
My shadow hates the sun.
Marked my words,on the grave on my head.
I rather live,then hunger for the dead.
23 September 2011 01:07 AM

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