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Agony of living.
37, Female, United States


Darkness enters the life I once knew to forget.
Lies,life,pain has gone and whent.
When does it stop? where does it end?
To only need someone.. a lover or a friend.
Can you tell me about the glass that falls from my face?!
... Trying to end my suffering from this rat race.
Shadows crawl on my cealing at night.
The death that reaches for me and fight.
This life, no diffrent from where it started from.
Endless agony,and loss from everyone.
No one ever heard me, nore ever care for the screams.
Nothing ever came threw for me, in reality or dreams.
So... what can I do.. what can I say?
Just another life down the drain in decay.
A warrior can only fight as long as somthing has to be fought for.
Maybe, I can last till the end of this final war.
03 December 2011 04:10 AM

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Beautiful yet so sad...
02 July 2012 08:27 AM
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