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Queen of dark hearts.
37, Female, United States


Lands of forgotten fire
over runned by weeds of thornes.
Clashed trees of rotten dreams.
Broken glass from the windows eyes,
that can no longer see the living.
Thought,thoes are the cursed who
lived it. Not anything less, not
anything more, that too the house
rests on that hill of decay.
But, this world is far from that
in wich I can be worshiped as I
prey down at thoes who should bow
at my feet. Dreams only cast shadows.
I am free from anything but, a
shatterd tear of lonleyness.
Crows, caw.. under the moons face.
A dream? No trace, not one.
That house, that hill.. it's nothing,
as it should be. I chose, and chosen
whats left under my claw. I am what
everything must see and obey.
Dragons smoked flame, kiss my fangs..
and the spirits of wolfs baine.
Hollowed skies, in territories shot
straight from fine blood of a royals
crown.Full flush, no king rests here,
I dom all the dreams that come true.
Rules bound by the dead and undead,
as the living fights the pain.
Grey stone mountian they should lay
with eyes wide open to the grim and
sadness of tortured me. Ruled by
a queen of dark hearts! Pass the path
of stone cold death. I am here, in a
dream,and in the life of now. Soon
a king of diamonds and rest at my side.
To that house, run and hide. Rest forever
under my kiss.. or meet his fighting
fear of fists. Winds howl and begs your
name. Shatterd glass under that window
payne.Thunder clashes under red rain.
21 March 2012 01:48 AM

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