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Night Kiss.Dream Bliss.
37, Female, United States


I dream the passions that flow within you.
Dreaming the kisses that pulse in your heart.
Threw thousands of tiny needles in my skin,
I see threw your eyes,as I look in.
I know you are real,and not just a dream.
Fragments like glass that break so easily.
As your heart shatters to know I still exist.
My fault that I feel the pain you linger alone.
Taking my own life in your throne.
I exist none without you near.
Forever you forget, that I live in fear.
Without your touch and real lifes kiss.
Only to have you in a dream of bliss.
You watch me as I cry,but never come to,
hold me untill I feel your heart.
Tear me apart, but let me live?
What on earth, did I do..or what I did?!
I exist, you know it be true.
Dream of me,as I dream of you.
Waking after you come again to haunt me.
Can still forever smell and feel what you
did to me.
Cast a spell,and cast it right.
I know I will dream of you tonight.
Shadow dance the night away on the walls of
my room.
I can see you as they are cast by the spell
of the moon.
Am I cursed to never touch your skin and face?
To never drink you to see how you taste?!
Feel the pain I am in, but then I feel the
pain that is within you.
So sad,so blue.
So,it IS true!
You need me more then a dream we share.
But,still you just stand there.
What am I to do!
What can I say?!
What is it that keeps you away?!
As I turn my lights out,and set into bed.
Dreaming of you,haunting my head.

30 June 2013 06:18 AM

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