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Like a storm.
37, Female, United States


Like a storm,
my heart has been struck down by
its own light.
Clouds form to shield the face
of the sun.
The sadness rain within my
stormy eyes.
I am my own storm.
I am i chase off
everyone who sees me.
I touched the ground like a
tornado..wanting to just feel
the earths life.
I have no one but Gaia.
Earthbound for what reason but,
to live,destroy and die.
*tears fall to the earth that's dry*.
I bring life,but death fallows me.
I can move the mountains..and
swallow the sea.
I am powerful,but my heart is sad,
and the storms that i cause is just that
I'm mad.
Everyone says I have beauty and grace,
even a lustful perfect smile on my
But,if it's they say I'm not alone.
Then,why is it,that my skies are grey,
and gloomy at my stormy home?
24 June 2014 12:06 AM

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I enjoyed this. Good words
28 April 2016 03:57 PM
this is heartbreakingly beautiful...
26 June 2014 12:20 PM
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