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Heating desire.
37, Female, United States


Pulsing, and thick.
long fanged..long and slick.
I am the hunter waiting for the heat.
hearing you with every beat.
Between the flesh my knees shiver.
Wet in a rush,like the flow to a river.
hot and cold...I can see your stare.
My heat for you,rose in a flare.
Closer My instincts drive me mad!
Will you be the best I ever had?
Blood,sweat,heating desire...
you burn me like a lick of the fire.
I'll bite,I'll claw..I'll take it raw.
Watching me,you take it all.
I plead with my scent..drawing males near.
I'll never stop the pleasure of your fear.
Always in your dreams,wet and hot.
In reality..I am not.
Chase me down..i'll kill you with fire.
Between my legs,with burning desire.
04 February 2016 07:24 AM

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