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Dying Breath
29, Male, United States


Here I am, helplessness and left for dead.
As these memories are flooding through my head.
When my life comes to an end, I will be with her again.
As I lie here I can hear her voice calling me.
Consumed by all of this uncertainty.
No one hears me screaming.
No one sees me bleeding.
What's left of me can not be.
Here I am breathing my dying breath, full of uncertainty.
As my life comes to an end, I will be with her again.
I hear her voice calling.
I feel darkness falling.
Here I am, with all of this uncertainty.
My broken heart lies in a state of dormancy.
I stand with her over my grave.
I can only think of one phrase.
Now that my is at an end, I can be with you again.

12 March 2016 05:12 PM

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awesome poems and words . your words were like words that has pierced through my very soul. you are deep and thats good not many can write from the soul.
10 August 2016 06:54 AM
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