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This is what hurts me.
The fears of what I can not see.
The tears everyone else can when I do not cry.
Told that I am pretty. one stays to love me.
Said that I am not alone.
But..I sit here in such where I don't exsist.
Thus I do have friends...
Sadly...they are never in my reach.
Being Told that I am loved and they are true.
Then leave me at the end,with cold hearts blue.
What hurts me..
Is that..I will never understand.
You..will never feel my pain and suffering.
The damaged that has been done.
Faith told in twisted small lies to get me threw.
Fears me to think..maybe..I AM truly cursed.
And..that.. there is only one way out.
To move on,to actually be loved.
Hurts me.....
to be rejected..and hated...for no reason.
Hurts me more..When I have to hate back the hater.
My future..IS what hurts me.
My past is gone.
As I look into the glass on the wall.
Am I ugly?
Am I the monster?
Can I just not see it?
Can everyone else? hurts....
To move on..when I can't.
Hurts. much.
22 May 2016 08:53 AM

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