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In between
23, Male, United States


Dear Reader,

This poem is going to be different than anything i have ever written. I can't describe it yet because it hasn't been written yet.

Twisted and Turning
we the people are learning
shadows follow us and whisper lies
over our shoulder are your eyes
a hydra
a monster
a creature whose reach is boundless
people who think its pointless
stand up and see
one to one, the many is all
together we can stand tall
figure heads cloaked beyond our sights
using us for all their fights
like children these men are
fearful and scared of the truth
stand up and rise
do nothing and we die
Vampires of wealth
sucking wallets dry
it gets old
no one is sold
you hear what i hear
you know where i am
your magic eye in the sky
your outstretched hand
i will claim this land
we will save the damned
from you to me to i to they
we are us and many on this day
how fast can you stop me
how much time do you have
all mighty power at your disposal
no one is buying your proposal
the sheep need a Shepard
you act like lions and leopards
this is a war everyone is apart of it
i will not be cattle for your slaughter
20 October 2016 08:26 PM

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