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The Enlightenment of the Dark - Onism
23, Male, United States


Dear Reader,

For my oldest fans who remember Kenospia or the letters of evil, "The Enlightenment of the Darkness" is a new chronicle of tales I have designed. This new chronicle is going to delve deeper into the pit than we have ever gone before. Onism is the awareness of little of the world you will experience.

doors, doors, doors
open and shut and the many floors
i travel and explore
this map is empty

the lights in distance
i want to be there
but i am here
shivers up my spine
it's so far away

in my head i feel the weight
i fear my time is short
so much to do and see
i never made it to the sea
look at the sky way up high
painted blue and white
reds and yellow hues
at night the stars shine bright
my curiosity ignites

laying in this bed
everything is in my head
this room
a prison
this bed
my coffin

as i lay there dreaming out loud
like the caged canary
i dream of being free
this room is so small
so empty
never had a friend
no one visits
all i have is at the end
eternal slumber

the cold feeling washes over me
i stare out the window
as if words of places i'll never see appear
a nurse walks in my room
it's all doom and gloom
poor child so young never had a chance
all you had were story books

That wasn't to bad was it Reader. I promise though it will get worse.
20 October 2016 09:23 PM

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