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The Enlightenment of the Dark - Sonder
23, Male, United States


Dear Reader,

Here i bring you the next addition to our new collection "Sonder." Sonder means the awareness of that you are the star of your own story, but might be the extra or background character of someone else's story, and that person's story might be as vivid as your own but you wouldn't know because you're just an extra.

Hello, Hello, Hello
we lost another
a little one this time
this one dreamed and dreamed
to be free, to get out

in my life everyone comes and goes
it's how my story is told
i have many friends
i have many family members
i work with many children

but they have stories of their own
and i have my story too
is it good and lively as their's
is as full of adventure as their's

day in
day out
one by one
i watch helplessly as children die
i try and try to find a cure
but nothing

these children dream
the outside world
all they have are the story books
no visitors
no friends
no family

my best friend just got married
i sit here
dying little by little
exhausted and saddened
i am everything but maddened

an alarm goes off
these beds are their coffins
and their stories are short
i try to save them
i failed another one

these story books are all they have
they can only see so much out the window
the sky looks like a sad painting
blue with whites and greys
before the night falls
black become the walls
empty are the halls

i live my life to help these kids
i dream of a cure but that is my story
what is yours
for these children i am an extra
am i in the background of your life
do you know i'm even there
we lost another last night

Reader you can see these stories are connecting something unfolding. first the child then the nurse.
21 October 2016 11:47 PM

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