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The Enlightenment of the Dark - Silence
23, Male, United States


Dear Reader,

I tried this i promise you, to find a deep, obscure, and psychological term in which I and you could relate to. unfortunately none seemed to fit what i had in mind. but this word here is very powerful. Silence the absence of sound, noise, and vibration. the mind has a funny way of turning silence into noise. Your not crazy if you here things in a silent room.

i don't know about you but it's deafening
this room is full, and brimming
so many people and not a sound
not one of them is talking
it feels rather empty
how can a room bursting with people
feel so empty
i'm screaming and pleading
someone talk to me
tell me what your feeling

buzz, buzz, buzz
what's this
a noise
from where
and who
am i going insane
is this my brain
what is this noise
the ring is sting
beeping and buzzing
fading away is this sound

people so many in one room
their lips are moving
what are they saying
help me i can't read when you are moving
my name was whispered
the back of my head, is some staring
i try to shout, but are they listening
i'll find out

i here it again
over here
or over there
i cant really tell
who knew
that silence was deafening
silent people are violent
listen and be silent
converse with me
talk to me

ring ring ring
like telephone on stereo
it's loud and it hurts
there again
i heard it
my name
who is there
where is my voice
i never knew how a room
like this one
full to the brim
could feel so empty
it's silent and cold

talk talk talk
no one is bothering
to talk to another
this room is a hospital
nurses here and there
again it's over somewhere
my name
who is calling me
when no one is talking
i'm walking as fast as i can
the ring is here
in my head

lonely is this silence
deafening in it's wake
can somebody help me
i feel trapped by it
i'm screaming but nothing
no one looks
no one talks
they just sit there
feeling like me
this hospital is empty when so full
does any one care
does anyone dare
please speak
talk to me

ring ...

ring ...


it goes to show that people who claim to be your friend turn their backs and can burn you. they torment you and ignore you. they don't utter a word.
27 October 2016 11:54 PM

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