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Goth nature flower gothic
26, Female, United States


A flower is wonderful to have in life,
but it reminds me of a rose that is
red, that I used to have, and to hold,
all of the time I thought I was
wrong about a rose, and a flower, on
which way it will go,
it is red I know my eyes see different,
in the light blood wine light in the
this sparkling lit weather of the rain,
of a red rose that I use to know,
I still do, know it, it is dark but,
I will rub it in the sun,
above all things bad including the mud,
to my dearest goth, and gothic, love rose,
To my gothic dearest gothic rose love,
I just love all flowers in general,
but only one and it is you,
Ummm, what kind is it ?,
what heart beat will it take,
what kind of gothic rose is it,
Ummm, what heart beat will it take,
I will smell it right now,
to see how it would taste,
this is a sample of how much I love being gothic,
each, and every, day, of different aspects in life,
but the same routine thing will never go
I will feel the warmth breeze,
of the glowing wind stone,
Stone, wind glowing of life's wind,
will take wind airs wind, and me, there,
and that is my all orange, and separate black hair,
with the gothic cross, while standing by the
gothic cross,
the red rose that is, two different strong
things, ♡♡♡ while standing by the Gothic Cross,
a simple red rose is just what I love,
it is what I love to comfort it as I hold,
while smelling the flower and it, it & the flower,
I just love the smell of the red rose flower,
to let out the breeze fresh scent,
the outside is a typewriter, I, and every, thing readable a violet,
come and take me with you,
saying this again and, and again,
until I get it, read me until the graveyard tombstone,
die as I am listening to the rain again,
while the song is playing during the day,
and the evening wind capture it, and me,
feel the heavy weight of,
the dress fall right into the,
the night of mortal eye love,
I am knelt rose holding down,
the red rose,
twinkling moon stars is in my eyes,
twinkling star is in my eye,
like the rain where it goes,
where it end tomorrow or
04 February 2017 10:00 PM

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