BLKdragon : sounds like I'm being released into the wild,in my natural    rolandblackthorne : YAY!!! can finally make plans to relocate Dragon!!.    rolandblackthorne : Delays, delays and more delays,,,,,,,,,,, finally some good news today.    BLKdragon : we are nothing alone. maybe togeather we can become some thing greater..    Svartmaane : May the full moon shine upon us!!!.    rolandblackthorne : I'm sorry I'm worthless....................................    MistressMonsoon666 : I have turn cold...dark...and heartless.....    Zash : All hail the broken king who lies apron his pile of gold.    Zash : Who likes blood?.    rolandblackthorne : She's serious... and i love only HER anyway... so step off.    BLKdragon : if anyone messes with my beloved,in anyway,i will hunt you down,and slit you open.teehee. im crazy..    BLKdragon : Been very upset lately.too much going on.i am so very tired..    Tristesse : Dark Greetings....    Devastator : I do hope you all enjoy your weekend with dark blessings.    Mina_M : Calling all dark souls. Please add me! .    

Diamond saids
26, Female, United States


I love the night it shines bright late tonight,
at late, late tonight, and late today,
all of the stars around outside are
by the night,
a moon is in sight I can see it coming
towards me,
loving how the moon look in the air,
I love how the moon looks as, the
wind is blowing in my hair,
it is big as the sun in my top secretly smile,
is what I like to look at to remind,
me what life is so I will pick up the sun,
and I will begin to run with it now,
in between me pale night pale sky sun walking with it and me,
by myself at midnight night sky,
my moon to look at,
to see how dreaming my eyes see are things,
stars is floating around me in a different way,
like today of thinking in how to dress nice,
as for looking forward to see the moon to night,
I love it, it is shinning so bright in my face,
I can hardly cannot take the light that
is in my eyes, that are, and is in my eyes,
the moon is bright tonight and is in my eyes,
the moon is bright tonight and so are you,
I like it just like I like you,
the moon remind me of a heart,
looking at the moon,
I like it, when it is dark and in the,
light, I try to be in day time,
but the evening table night is my,
favorite spot tree, to love underneath,
because it is me,
touch the night it remind me of grape juice,
pouring out the taste of love above,
running burning myself through the crisp air,
waking on plain solid ground,
to/on a plain pathway solid ground, nights days,
through the calm wind of words people see
a sqaure, squares notes in a ballon,
while I am holding it up hearing secret
cricket calling my name,
through the seas in s wavy boat traveling
around looking at a sunshine midnight,
lit moon, lit moon,
04 February 2017 10:01 PM

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