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Different two tastes in june juices
26, Female, United States


I love how the moon look in the sky,
it is clear in the crystal rain,
I love how the two different moons, look,
that I described it/they are in the sky,
it appear in the night sky,
when it starts to show, and to appear,
it move around in the lit day light sun,
it will never go away, the/it the moon,
it never goes away,
that is how I know that it will never
go away,
it will stay up in the dark blue night air,
in coming out in my favorite day,
during days/the day in, and to,
finally eyes blooming eyes create a red, and night
gray gothic flower,
thinking of both times in the sun,
I love the circular shape of the moon,
it is dull light white inside of my/a pathway,
walking ground to create the perfect,
gigantic little dark green smiling ground,
looking away from behind me,
I amwalking with a eye ground mind,
stringing up in hand in/a, a standing like me alone,
gothic flower, cute in my life's not in other people lifes,
to create a gothic flower,
I am obsessed with flowers,
and I then I love and then I like them,
they like me to,
cannot wait to I can gather up the flow
ers that / they are gothic, sunlight me,
I am holding them in my hand,
because they are my favorite kind of flowers,
to hold in the day light,
because they are my favorite kind of flowers,
(at night) to hold in the day light,
to hold at night where I go to sleep, at
at night to hold at night where I go to sleep,
(at night ro hold where I go to sleep at,
nighttime at nighttime while I am counting
sheep, bedside *
at night while I am counting sheep,
what happen underneath the hall
gothic heaven shining wavy silk covers,
is a secret between me and then me,
what happen underneath these.the gothic
hell covers,
is a top secret from a top hat secret,
top hat secret, from a top hat, in
from a I am holding these bunches,
of flowers,
from a secret top secret hat,
in the star lit midnight twilight spar
kling twinkle star*
from sparkling, lit shining water that I will drink,
and to love,
they start as baby flowers at first,
these are just my babies roses that I have,
I love them all especially you wise bit,
but I love goth more when I am here bored,
so let look at the sun,
while sitting down for fun, smiles *
04 February 2017 10:04 PM

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