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Pale lit red light reflection
26, Female, United States


Looking in the /a mirror is my favorite thing to do,
I love it because it describes the beauty,
of a woman during the day in sunlight time midnight air,
picturing a circular circle mirror shape,
by the door of and in the core of hoe it make,
me feel, mentioning the word of, of is this,
resemblance amazing in how life work,
I love the word goth on the mirror,
as it walk in the night crisp sea of me,
not focusing in myself a reflection glass,
tell me what to say around life,
about people that is it cause of being able to,
understand how life works how to talk,
to a tree and to look at things to see,
in a dream seeing while being beneath in seeing the sea,
in a favorite fruit that is left over to eat,
a beautiful rose can come up or a dirty one,
look behind you to see who is left over to eat,
look behind you to see who is telling the truth,
look behind me to see who is telling the truth,
in love, and respect, for yourself and/to oneself,
this is not me kind of writing to view,
these are my poems that I written in the past,
as well as the future the face mirror I saw,
was not the loves truth fairytale in a rose glass,
breaking heart throw bits, and pieces in heart,
lovely beautiful words nothing will happen,
a mirror stares me or maybe at you at night,
in seeing tonight I do not know why I not ask,
of why I took took this past skin off of me,
feel good in knowing, the experience in,
different life world's, cannot wait,....
to wake up in time bed light hours to sleep,
in late while a bed of roses is living,
right there waiting for more from me,
I love to look at what I see to talk,
me what kind of bed beam twinkle light it,
this is what ever kind it is it is purely,
magical, I life love to dream in it, and
of it, little star on the mirror if you,
touch it,
different difficult experience will live on,
forever of life in every day in a sign,
of relief in a sight of the night sky,
it is my favorite to look at surrounds,
waks the circle or sqaure shape of,
the lirror it gives a boring look in way,
in tomorrow ice of a window storm,
I love the rain drops when it is time,
I say good bye to it, and the mirror,
when it is time to say good bye*
to the mirror,
waking out of the wind vampire scene,
of some thing twilight in some what
a box mirror closing up box until,
later on this night in a box, people,
can see what ever they want to say,
* * * <3
04 February 2017 10:08 PM

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