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Who is my mystery man
26, Female, United States


In what world would you describe a girl,
who only dreamt of having one man,
watching her all to herself from behind,
from where she want to live in a place
one day,
on green walking peacefully to,
a balcony in a long black dress maybe,
with separate ruffles down at the bottom,
stream of long wind black chimes hair,
I love my long hair with all,
in raven, and maddie strong the then
hearing the birds sing,
the green grass feel alright, light,
and then soft,
one minute raven is on the balcony,
watching you back but you cannot see
but she can see you though,
steps while she is walking steps to
the balcony,
raven, and maddie is one person,
dreaming of a man she always wanted,
looking at her from a far,
I can hear you sneaking up on me,
but we never touches which bites,
and it bite rough, and hard,
as she start to run her,
hands are in a circular form/ motion,
in front of her still running,
at some point maddie, stops running,
waiting for a man to catch her,
by her arm strength,
the weight of her feel light like a grounded smile,
he catches her in arm 's way,
stopping her by the steps,
when she get to them feeling,
happy, and free,
it always feel like some one is, watching,
raven, and maddie feel warm,
when that happen she get to
cute little maddie want to blow,
him s kiss instead she misses
his mouth,
the star is flying sparkling color,
ohohohooo she miss the/her,
balcony wish,
raven, and maddie, is thinking about,
she thinks about of one day of when,
of when she will meet him,
wondering when she will meet him,
it will be soon forever sitting behind a
either on green balcony or in the classroom,
I can see his voice coming towards me,
for a visit hug, and a kiss,
there is no right there knelt down,
imagining him watching me from,
behind my back, a prince is here,
I am always wanted near by near far,
gone by a red golden stick broom detail necklace forever,
04 February 2017 10:10 PM

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