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The beauty in portal mortal goth eyes
26, Female, United States


In my goth time to how many years I have been here,
I look to a rose,
it could be dark red or light red,
I see the beauty inside each tree and,
it is life except for the winter glow at night,
where it is alright to be goth,
to let my hair down to be a goth figure,
there is a flower lit box, just a flower,
there is alot to today, and this rose,
that I am holding in the right one,
knife knelt yellow flower down holding,
flower rose movement,
this heart felt yellow rose in the,
moon strong night vision,
my moving eyes tell me the, lie,
the truth is calling for me,
to ring the clock bell in the snow,
when it is time to go, run as fast that I can,
looking around for more trouble, and laughter,
to catch the snow flakes when they fall,
GothelecktraVampire still carries, and hold,
the gothic yellow flower rose in hand,
I am walking around stiff minded,
I love this area of being goth,
every thing that surrounds it fastenates me,
top secretly love the winter snow,
with this rose that is still in my hand,
looking at it in the mirror,
is like looking at every day life,
to remember memories in skies light,
a shooting star is in sight, beaming,
across the sky * being like this,
which is goth,
feeling the heavyness day black lipstick of day's,
of feeling light day weaker winter outside time show in,
smiling forever, forever smiling I will be,
right here waiting for you of tonight,
lipstick is sight paper that can come off,
of the lips in a woman rain true truthful eyes,
to pick goth items off saying goodbye, and,
of rock hard lips in a woman true eyes,
04 February 2017 10:13 PM

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