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Cupid Is The Reaper (Manic Regression)
36, Male, United States


Walking through the woods in the rain, following the tracks of a long missed train.
Thoughts running through my brain, the delicate balance between the pain and insane.
And I think....of them...and my pain, and of you. It's then I crack a smile, that's oh so long overdue. But it fades oh so fast, a temporary relapse from my long lost past.
Pondering if was all even true? Or lies? My gaze drifts up into the suicide skies.
I walk, my brain turns, and I trace...I replay the parts that caused my fall from grace.
There's a shadow faction down in my border, the riddle of the reptile with a manic disorder.
Now I'm stuck in this strange world alone, I'm lost as f*** and I can never go home.
Her touch was like a velvet sin, I close both my eyes, can almost feel her again.
Now I'm slipping so deep and away. These things I'm still feeling just too hard to explain.
With my fears did I snuff out the flame, now there's nothing of my heart left but a black, bloody stain. Last light flickers out and the skies fade to black, my old friend darkness is once again back.
I just keep following these tracks of this phantom train, Forever just a ghost who is followed by pain. Nothing will ever be the same no never again, feeling far too deep was my cardinal sin.
There's a shadow faction down in my border, I AM the riddle of the reptile with the manic disorder. Now I'm stuck in this strange world alone, I'm lost as f*** and I can never go home.
I wonder on and on like this, love embraced by death and sealed with a kiss. Will I never again feel that bliss? Who knew my f***ed up story could ever end up like this. Learn what you must yet it still goes deeper, it's only then you realize that cupid is the reaper.
09 February 2017 06:11 AM

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