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Dark Lover
31, Female, Singapore


Dark lover of my heart
My want, my need, my desire
They match your own.

My dark deeds
My uncontrollable love
My conscience bleeds.

As my dark feelings rise
From deep within my very being
Your blood, your life, your soul
Sing to mine.

Your love flowing through
My ocean-blue veins
As you lay a kiss on my throat.

I, your angel, fall
As we soar into the night
Of our souls.

With centuries behind us
Tears well in my eyes
As the dawn approaches
Signalling the end
Of yet another night.

I search for the light to my dark
You search for the dark to your light.

Together, we yearn to be free.

I search for the light in your dark
You search for the dark in my light.

Your words of lust
Fall upon my ears
As we soar into the night
Of our souls.

No longer would we breathe
With half a soul.

Your hands caress my skin
As my deep madness
Cause a smile on your lips.

My Sire
My Light
I am not afraid of you.

I never will be
I want your love
I need your love.

I just want to feel
In this dark soul of mine.

~ Tristesse
29 April 2017 12:07 PM

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